The laughing corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton

This book started the whole idea of this blog. I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a hero/heroine in a book this much. We’ve had  the whole Anita Blake series for a long time at home. John read them  – he’s all into that vampire stuff -, but stopped reading them when they started to turn into some sort of sex novel around volume no. 9 or 10. When I found out there was the Paranormal Romance genre out there I started reading some books and really liked them. Eventually John told me about LKH and I started to read the Anita Blake series.
“The laughing corpse” is the second Anita Blake book that I have read (after “Guilty pleasures”) and I am not impressed with it.
Anita Blake is a self-righteous, supposedly cool, totally unlikeable person. Her attitude is aggravating to say the least. She doesn’t know when to shut her mouth, pisses the wrong people off at the wrong time and still comes out of every confrontation unharmed.

The descriptions of the murder scenes in the book are gross. To describe the scene once is necessary, but to describe the same stuff again and again is redundant. I’m getting the picture after the first time.

The books are called “vampire hunter novels”, yet so far Anita hasn’t hunted any vampires. Not that I think that vampires need to be hunted per se, but a bit of vampire interaction would be nice. In the first book the “vampire hunter” actually worked FOR the vampires and in the second one there were hardly any vampires.
Jean-Claude was only put in as a minor supporting actor. The whole book deals with zombies of all kinds – a topic that doesn’t do it for me at all.

What annoyed me most was:
– that Anita found out that raising a dead animator has very bad consequences and that that zombie can’t be controlled by the one who raised it. Nevertheless she doesn’t hesitate to raise a whole graveyard, meaning loads and loads of zombies she doesn’t know anything about. What if there are former animators among them?
– that at first Anita wants to bring down Dominga Salvador with legal means and only in case those would fail she would let John Burke deal with her. That resolution didn’t last for long, because as soon as she realizes that Dominga got out on bail (something which is pretty much inside the legal system, even though she obviously reached that by bribery) she decided it’s time to have her killed by the numeours zombies she just raised. Nice double standard.

Guess this book wasn’t for me. At. All.

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  1. Hi Rikki…Well this made for interesting reading. Not an author I have read and I’m not sure that after reading your review it is a book I would want to pick up and read.

    I went to Laurell K. Hamilton blog and I must say I’m not sure that she would be top of my list as a ‘friend’, having said that she has a strong loyal following for her books. I’m always interested in the Author as I think sometimes you can work out why they write the type of book that they do but I must say she is a hard one to ‘read’ although as a person she is without doubt an ‘angry’ lady who finds an outlet for her anger in her writing.


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