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Today I came across a link to a You tube video with an interview with J.R. Ward, which annoyed me quite a bit. I am a big fan of her Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Stupid name for a series, but nothing compared to the even more cheesy names of the brothers. It is not surprising that they usually refer to themselves as V., Z. etc. But that aside.

The book titles suggest a romance and that always is part of the book. However, in the last few books the emphasis has shifted from paranormal romance (the brothers are vampires) to urban fantasy. The storyline is very good, there is a war raging between the vampires and another group, and a lot of characters are recurring in every book. If you like vampires, urban fantasy and a story arc that stretches over the whole series, rather than independent books, this is for you.

However, J. R. Ward has a message board and a huge, enthusiastic fan base for whom she writes on her board as well. As long as those stories and texts are stories irrelevant to the content of the books, fine with me. Whether Jane or anybody else carved her name in R.’s back is of no importance to anybody, except some hard core cellies. What I don’t get at all is that there is vital information on the board that would be good to know. If you don’t frequent the board, though, you are left in the dark.

The last book in the series is book no. 6, “Lover Enshrined”. In that book a character appears for the first time, Lassiter. Never heard of the guy and neither has anybody else who only buys her books. On the other hand, if you are a message board reader you will find out tons about him. As J.R. Ward puts it in her interview: “Lassiter comes back…”….”as readers of the series know who are members of my message board…”. As far as the mere readers are concerned, he is not BACK, he just appears for the first time and they know nothing about him.

I find it quite disrespectful towards people who fork out money for books to make information available only to a limited number of people. And don’t come up with stuff like, you could become a member of the board…There are people who don’t go on the net (yes, I’ve heard they exist), there are people who hate message boards, there are people who don’t want to go through a trillion posts on a message board of one author to find some infos on a character in a book. These people still would like to know those things and they have a right to know, too.

For me, if something is not in the book, it doesn’t or didn’t happen.

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  1. Oh, come on!! Isn’t that little hint of mystery that you do not know every single thing about the brothers before these books happened fun? Isn’t neat to think there have been things that happened for centuries that you know nothing about as a reader? Frankly, I think it is silly to think that you should know every single character in a book about a race of individuals that have survived for centuries. This extra layer of interaction on the boards is great and best of all…it is free! Hope to see you there.


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