Fitzwilliam Darcy – you can’t get enough of him

I never knew how many books are out there dealing with Fitzwilliam Darcy – either as a bachelor or as a married man. Darcy seems to be the epitome of man, people just can’t let him rest. And after seeing Colin Firth as Darcy in the gorgeous BBC series, I can’t say I’m surprised.

I was looking up a Stephanie Barron book on Shelfari just before (the Jane Austen mystery series) and loads of other books turned up, one of them by a Carrie Bebris. I looked it up on amazon and was stunned to see all those other Darcy books around. There is even a name for that sort of book- Darcyiana

So, for future reference I’m compiling a little list here. If anyone has something to contribute, let me know.

Pamela Aidan:
(trilogy, same time as P&P)

  • An Assembly such as this
  • Duty and Desire
  • These three remain

Helen Halstead:

  • Mr. Darcy presents his bride

Linda Berdoll:

  • Mr. Darcy takes a wife (formerly self-published as "The Bar Sinister"), this was a DNF for me, I am sorry to say.
  • Darcy & Elizabeth: Nights and Days at Pemberley

Carrie Bebris:
(mystery series)

  • Pride and Prescience
  • Suspense and Sensibility
  • North by Northanger
  • The Matters at Mansfield

Phyllis Furley:

  • Darcys – Scenes from married life

Amanda Grange: 

  • Mr. Darcy’s Diary (re-telling of P&P from Darcy’s point of view)
  • Wickham’s Diary (ends where P&P starts)
  • Mr. Darcy, Vampyre (Mr. Darcy turns out to be a, you guessed it, vampire)

Maya Slater:
(re-telling of P&P from Darcy’s point of view)

  • Mr. Darcy’s Diary

Mary Street:
(re-telling of P&P from Darcy’s point of view)

  • The confession of Fitzwilliam Darcy

Jane Dawkins:

  • Letters from Pemberley
  • More letters from Pemberley

Rebecca Ann Collins:

  • The Pemberley Chronicles
  • The women of Pemberley
  • Netherfield Park Revisited
  • The Ladies of Longbourne
  • Mr. Darcy’s Daughter

C. Allyn Pierson:

  • And this is our life: Chronicles of the Darcy family

Marsha Altman:

  • The Darcys & the Bingleys

Elizabeth Newark:

  • The Darcys give a ball

Juliette Shapiro:

  • Mr. Darcy’s Decision

Diana Birchall:

  • Mrs. Darcy’s Dilemma

D. A. Bonavia-Hunt:

  • Pemberley Shades

Regina Jeffers:
(re-telling of P&P from Darcy’s point of view)

  • Darcy’s Passions
  • Darcy’s Dreams (sequel)

Abigail Reynolds:
(variations of P&P – what could have been…)

  • From Lambton to Longbourn
  • The Last Man in the World
  • Without Reserve
  • By Force of Instinct
  • Impulse & Initiative

Kara Louise:
(re-telling in a different setting)

  • Pemberley’s Promise
  • Assumed Engagement (spin off with story going in another direction)
  • Assumed Obligation (sequel to Assumed Engagement)

Barbara Tiller Cole:

  • White Lies and Other Half Truths (not sure what exactly this is, but it seems to be sexy, LOL)

Marie Hogstrom:

  • Derbyshire (sequel)

That’s it for now. Next thing I’ll do, is collect some Wentworthiana (I’m sure there must be some out there)…

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