Lost Warriors by Rachel Lee

This is the first book I read for the winter challenge. The challenge was to “read a story that has a military or civil servant in it – any genre”.


“Lost warriors” is part of Lee’s “Conard County” series.
Billy Joe Yuma has been suffering from PTSD for the last 20 years, since he came back from Vietnam. The heroine, Wendy, the daughter of the local sheriff, has been in love with him since she was 16 six years ago, but due to her age and his issues, Yuma kept rejecting her. Now she comes back into her home town to work as an emergency flight nurse and, as it happens, Yuma is the pilot of the emergency helicopter.


If you like tortured heroes, sensible and sensitive heroines, a good, but not overwhelming plot and no stupid misunderstandings between hero and heroine, then this is the book for you. The way Yuma and Wendy find to each other, how the hero deals with his issues and how the heroine helps him along is described beautifully. Also, the severe problems the hero has are not dealt with and discarded within a couple of days as is the case so often. The story seems just right all around.
This was my first book by Rachel Lee, but definitely not my last.

However, people who don’t like a large age difference between h/h might want to think twice about reading the story. Yuma is 20 years older than Wendy. If you decided not to read this book because of that age difference, you will miss out on a great story, though.

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