Warrior by Cheryl Brooks

Synopsis: The story is about Tisana, the local witch, who gets a new patient. He is being brought in by Tisana’s ex, Rafe. His newly acquired slave is severely ill and he wants Tisana to nurse him back to health. The slave turns out to be a Zetithian, Leo, with whom Tisana falls in love pretty quickly – and vice versa. All would be good, if he didn’t belong to Rafe, who will come back and claim him again soon. When Rafe eventually comes back, he’s come for another reason though. He wants Tisana’s and Leo’s help in finding his two sons who have been kidnapped for unknown reasons. Together they get on their way on a rescue mission and at the same time on the mission to make Leo a free man once more.

Review: This is the second installment of Brooks’ Cat Star Chronicles after "Slave". I enjoyed the first book, but I enjoyed this one more, which was due to the heroine. Tisana wasn’t such a tough entrepreneur as Jacinth, which I preferred. The couple in the book was established pretty quickly, so there was not much angst on that part, but, of course, there was the problem of getting Leo out of the (virtual) clutches of Rafe’s wife, who wanted him for prestige reasons. That was dealt with not too early, but fairly easy I’d say, and from then on, it was all about rescuing the boys.

Usually I neither like books with children involved, nor with animals, but in this case I must make an exception. The children were marginal characters who served only as the reason for the mission in the first place. I don’t think they even uttered a word during the whole book. The animals on the other hand chatted nonstop, which was quite fun. Tisana has the psychic ability to converse with animals and that helped her a lot on her mission. The conversations between her and the various animals were quite amusing and added an entertaining touch.

The hero, Leo, was a good character, no uber-alpha, but a warrior and pretty self assured (not surprising considering his way with women, but I don’t want to give away anything). The heroine was compassionate, strong, down-to-earth. They were a perfect couple.

At the end the reader meets the couple from the previous book again, which was nice. However, Jacinth, and her business-like manner, in which she immediately wanted to take advantage of Tisana’s gift, really rubbed me the wrong way. Can’t she leave people alone for a minute, for crying out loud? She just met her and already proposes to make money out of her. She might be a space trader, but still, give it a little rest, won’t you?

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  2. Have you read Rogue yet? That one is far better in my opinion. I wasn’t crazy about the flow of the book. It was very imbalanced in my opinion.

    I’m about 50/50 with this author right now. Wasn’t crazy with Warrior, but enjoyed Rogue. So we’ll have to see how I like Outcast, which is sitting on my desk. 🙂


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