The heart breaker by Nicole Jordan

Synopsis: Sloan McCord needs a wife. Not for love but to take care of his infant daughter, to keep his household, to helm him campaigning and to warm his bed. Heather Ashford needs a husband to take care of her late father’s gambling debts. A friend of hers, Sloan’s sister in law, fixes them up and the deal is made. However, Heather falls deeply in love with Sloan who can’t accept this. He still loves his dead wife and is not interested in a new love and all its ramifications.

Review: OK, I loved the book, even though I can think of a lot of things that should have made me dislike it:

  • It starts with a sex scene which I hate. Sex without context does nothing for me. It turns out to be a dream of Sloan’s, but nevertheless.
  • Sloan is a real jerk. He thinks falling in love again is a betrayal to his wife (I can relate to that to an extent), but he sees no problem in sleeping with his new wife until the cows come home.
  • How he got a reputation to be a heart breaker I have no idea. He does seem to have some potential, but it hardly ever shows.
  • When drunk he makes Heather such an unspeakable offer, that I’d have left him for good – love or not.
  • Heather made him grovel way too little afterwards.
  • Heather was weak when it came to him. After their agreement not to touch each other again, it took virtually NOTHING to change her mind.

However, the story flowed smoothly for me and there were no stupid side plots that took attention from the main one. More than once I felt like taking Sloan and throttle him, but I liked him anyway. I loved the book, what can I say.

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