My outlaw by Linda Lael Miller

Synopsis: Keighly sees Darby for the first time when they are both around seven. She sees him through a mirror in her grandmother’s home that has been built on the site of The Blue Garter, a saloon cum brothel in the 19th century. In the course of the following years they meet off and on and communicate on a basic level with the help of written mirrored messages. When Keighly inherits her grandmother’s home she investigates and finds out – among other things concerning her own destiny – that Darby has died in 1887, the year he is living in now. She is determined to find a way to cross over
to his time and possibly save him from his fate.

Review: Even though the book opens with a prologue, Linda Lael Miller cuts right to the chase. In the prologue she tells us about Keighly’s childhood, her first meeting with Darby up to the time when Keighly inherits her grandmother’s house. The first chapter starts about 10 years later when Keighly visits the town of Redemption, Nevada, again and the story starts to flow from here until the end without a boring or redundant part.
I don’t want to discuss the ins and outs of time travel, because I’m pretty certain people would come up with all sorts of objections to the time travel adventures of Keighly. She goes back and forth a few times (but not in as nearly a mind boggling way as Henry in TTTW) and changes her own and Darby’s history as she goes along at each time, but really, who cares? I’m not reading a paper on physics, but a romance, and am willing to cut the author some slack.
Miller describes the chemistry between Keighly and Darby beautifully. To me, the scenes when they were separated by the mirror were even more sensual than the times when they were actually together. They truly were meant for each other.
All the secondary characters were extremely likeable, if not downright crucial for the happy ending. The story was just perfect all around. There was a slight inconsistency towards the end, when it turned out that Redemption didn’t have a paramedic team and a few pages later it was supposed to have an excellent one, but, really, this was such a minor point and had no relevance to the story.
An absolutely charming read which will definitely stay on my keeper shelf.


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