Votes of the paranormal romance forum on amazon

The PNR forum on amazon had several votes going on last year where people could vote for all sorts of books, series, etc. Obviously 68 people participated, which isn’t too bad (I wasn’t one of them). I’ll link the results here just for my own benefit, so I know what I might want to try out in the future.

The link is here: Votes PNR favorites 2008

Now my quick thoughts, so I will remember later:

[Urban Contemporary Fantasy Series]

That BDB won isn’t surprising at all. Immortals after dusk as a runner up is to me. I only read one book by KC and I hated it. I hated the hero, the heroine, the writing style, the Scottish brogue of the hero and – as the final nail in the coffin – the more than cheesy cover image. But that’s me, almost everyone else loves IAD. Series I definitely want to try out are the Dresden files and the Fever series.

[Favorite Dark Paranormal Book]

Lover Awakened isn’t a surprise either. I don’t see anything especially dark about Halfway to the Grave, and to even mention Circus of the Damned in the same context as romance novel is just out of it.

[Favorite Stand-Alone Paranormal Book]

Hm, Night Play is not a stand alone since it is no. 7 or so in the Dark Hunter series, even though it can be read as a stand alone, sort of. Dark Lover is the first one in a series, so I suppose you can read it on its own and then just stop – if you can, that is. But more than likely you will feel compelled to read on.

[Favorite Book of All Time]

Dark Lover is the winner here? I can’t believe that. It is a good book and the great start of a series, but that’s it. We’re talking favorite book of all time here. I couldn’t name one myself, but if I had to, Dark Lover would not be it.

[Favorite Hero In A Pnr Book]

Now, again, not astonishing, Zsadist won. Hm, I do like Zsadist, but I always wonder about what Bella and he actually talk about. Of course, you can probably say that about a lot of romance couples, but in his case that questions comes to my mind even quicker than with every other hero.

The other guys that were mentioned I don’t know really, except for Eric (would be my runner up), Valerius and Vane (would be among my top ten). MY favorite hero wasn’t even mentioned, that is what is really astonishing. I’m a V girl all over.

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  2. [Favorite Hero In A Pnr Book] – Totally agree with you! V is my favorite, with Acheron, Valerius, Zsadist and Vane among my top 5! Did not like Phury’s book at all…he’s sooo annoying in his weakness….loved Rehv, can’t wait for his book! Thanks for the review! P


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