Texas Glory by Lorraine Heath

Synopsis: Dallas Leigh is still looking for a wife. After he gave an annulment to Amelia so she could marry his brother Houston (see "Texas Destiny") he had hoped that he would find a wife who can give him a son among the women pouring into Leighton. However, women are scarce. It turns out his neighbors have a daughter they would willingly give to him in marriage in return for some land they were disputing over. Cordelia has lived an extremely sheltered life, never ventured outside the house and practically has no clue about life, except for caring for her father and brothers. Dallas has to win her trust and love before they can find true happiness.

Review: After reading "Texas Destiny" I already knew that Dallas would never be as wonderful a romance hero as Houston. The story sounded gripping enough, though. It sort of was, and then again, it wasn’t. Apart from his eagerness to have a son and heir Dallas is a perfectly good man who gives Cordelia all the freedom she wants, teaches her things she would have never dreamed of, gives her the possibility to realize her dreams and treats her like an equal (something she is not used to at all after living exclusively with her male relatives).
She adjusted to a certain extent to the new circumstances in her life and became quite entrepreneurial, but still she seems to be blind to her husband’s obvious affection, simply because he doesn’t express it verbally. Whatever he did for her she somehow appreciated but at the same time took for granted. This seems especially odd since until her marriage she lived in a house full of brutes who bossed her around without giving her any rights. Instead of being happy about the positive, albeit involuntary, change in her life she trembles from fear and longs to go back to her family. One would think that she’ll bend over backwards to stay with Dallas. Obviously she prefers a known evil to an unknown good.

It would seem that even a woman who has lived as secluded as she has, especially one who is a literate as she is, must have some notion about married life. Her innocence as to what Dallas felt during intercourse was unbelievable to me. Thank God Lorraine Heath did not drag this and other misunderstandings out for all eternity, but resolved them more or less speedily.
The whole story revolved around Cordelia’s misgivings about her supposed unfortunate situation and her fear inspiring husband. The lack of ability to communicate properly between h/h was almost painful.

Maybe my expectations after "Texas Destiny" were just too high, but "Texas Glory" certainly didn’t live up to them.


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