Finding Home by Lauren Baker & Bonnie Dee

Synopsis: To further her so far unsuccessful career as a reporter Megan decides to write an article about the hustler scene. On her first night out she meets Mouth whom she is instantly attracted to. After he’s beaten up and robbed she decides to take him to her place to give him time to recuperate and maybe change his lifestyle.

Review: The story has a good plot and develops wonderfully.
Other than other erotic books it doesn’t plunge into gratuitous sex scenes without rhyme or reason right at the beginning. Instead Dee/Baker build up such incredible tension between Sean (Mouth’s real name) and Megan, it’s out of this world. The fact that Sean is still underage (if only by a few months), that Megan is older than him (if only in years, but certainly not in experience of life) and that she would be taking advantage of him lets her hesitate to act upon her feelings. He, in turn, thinks Megan has qualms because he was a prostitute. Besides, they both have to deal with the misgivings expressed by Megan’s friends and family. When they finally get together it is a relief for both, them and the reader.

This book is a very emotional and gritty read that draws you right in. I just had to know what’s going to happen next and how Megan and Sean would resolve the whole situation and couldn’t stop reading. It was extremely sensual, passionate and I was constantly rooting for Megan and Sean to overcome the prejudices and objections voiced by themselves and everybody around them.

The only thing that argues against the story is that the picture painted about life on the streets and the hustler scene is certainly not nearly as bad as it is in real life, but if you wanted to read something real about child prostitution you’d read “Christiane F” anyway and not an erotic romance.

This is definitely one of the best erotic romances I’ve read and I highly recommend it. If this is the first erotic romance you read then stop right here. All following books will fall short of your expectations.


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  2. “This book is a very emotional and gritty read…” and that last paragraph have sold me! I adding this to my list. Thank you!


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