Darling Jack by Mary McBride

One challenge of the winter challenge was to read a series like Harlequin or Silhouette. I had no idea that I already had planned a few of these – I only realized when they turned up – I had a look and decided to give Darling Jack a try. The blurb sounded interesting enough, especially since I’m also a fan of detective novels.

Synopsis: “Mad” (and gorgeous) Jack Hazard has returned from his mysterious vacation and he now needs a “wife” for his next case as Allan Pinkerton’s most renowned detective. Among Pinkerton’s file clerks is the young widow Anna Matlin, who prides herself on being as invisible as a mouse but suddenly finds herself packing to go with Jack. As she blossoms in both her detective and lover roles, Anna finds loving Jack complicated, not only because of his single-minded quest for revenge but also because of his desperate fight against alcoholism and a scarred childhood.

Review:  I didn’t read the whole book, so I might have missed some important stuff that would have turned the book around for me.
I didn’t like the story after all, it just didn’t catch my interest. I gave up after about one third, skipped over most parts, read the love scenes and the ending, so that at least I could be sure there was a HEA (I just have to know these things).

The whole convoluted story (or so it seemed to me from what I did read) was wasted on me. I also realized that I don’t have much time for alcoholic heros. Obviously this is one of the reasons I didn’t care for “The Rake” from Mary Jo Putney, even though everybody else loves it. The fact that Jack had been a victim of the female villain at an earlier point didn’t appeal to me either.

The characters were ok, and I liked the romance part, but somehow the whole story just didn’t work for me.


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