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I like book networking sites to a certain extent. It’s fun to browse and find new books, read reviews and meet people with similar tastes. It’s nice to see what your friends are reading, whether they think the same about books as you do. It’s a good way to discover new authors and possibly genres to read.

What I don’t like are the networking junkies whose sole purpose in life seems to be to accumulate as many "friends" as possible on any given networking site. I suppose those people believe that to have a lot of friends means they are very popular. Fine with me as long as those friend hoarders stay among themselves.

Recently they have come out and extended their feelers towards the innocent though. The innocent being me.

Without any possible reason they invite me to be their friend. I wonder why. Especially on a book networking site I would think that the taste in books is the main criteria to invite someone to be your friend. This is not always so.

The people I got the last few friend requests from had the following books in common with me:

On a shelf of hundreds of books they were:
"Interview with the vampire" – a book almost everybody has read (especially Cruise and Pitt fans, who read the book in 1994)
"The Importance of Being Earnest" – a book almost everybody has read
"Wuthering Heights" – a book almost everybody has read
"Twilight" – a book almost every woman has read
Some Bill Bryson book – a book almost everybody has read

"The Importance of Being Earnest" – see above
"The Alchemist" – a book almost everybody has at home, I’m not saying they have read it.

"The Da Vinci Code" – a book everybody has read, even though, if they have read "Angels and Demons", there was no reason to. It’s the same book.
"Memoirs of a Geisha" – a book almost every woman has read (especially in or after 2005)

I don’t know what to make of this. Do those people really want to know what I’m reading right now? I can’t imagine. Do they think I want to know what they are reading right now? I don’t. If you want to be friends with people with whom you have only books like the above in common, why bother making friends at all? All you need to do is browse through the member list and look at everybody there. They would spare themselves the humiliation of being ignored and at the same time spare me a bad conscience.

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