Readers of Romance spring challenge 2009

The new spring challenge was posted recently. Looks like a lot of fun again… especially the trilogy will be a good thing. I can kill two birds with one stone here.

1. Read a Western (united States)- historical or contemporary

2. Read a book set in Scotland- historical or contemporary

“After the storm” by Jaid Black.  This will possibly also work for the erotic challenge.

3. Title contains Sun, Moon, or Stars (Moonlight, Starlight, etc, is ok!)

“Stardust of yesterday” by Lynn Kurland. I need to know what the fuss is all about. Most people are raving about it. It have yet to read Lynn Kurland, but a novella is still waiting for me in the “Tapestry” anthology.

4. Title contains Angel or Devil

5. Read any title by one of the first romance authors you ever read (or reread one of the first romance titles you ever read)

6. Title or Cover makes you think of Spring

7. Readers Choice

8. Select a book that has been marked favorite or 5 stars from another group member’s shelf.

“The bride finder” by Susan Carroll. Rated 5 stars by ancestorsearch (and others I think).

9. Read an AAR top 100 title (list on, AAR Top 100 group, and the AAR Top 100 blog)

“Winter garden” by Adele Ashworth. This list sucks in my eyes. The books I know I didn’t care for too much, but this book was on my wishlist for some time. It seems to have only a marginal plot, which suits me. So I’ll give it a go.

10. Title contains the word “Secret” or “Lie” in it

11. Read a title that was read and reviewed during the Winter Challenge

12. read a book with a Romeo and Juliet type theme (feuding family/clan/etc): H/H have to be on opposite sides of the feud

13. Read a trilogy (or 3 books from same series) Part 1

14. Read a trilogy (or 3 books from same series) Part 2

“The black dragon” by Allyson James. Also works for the serial challenge. Let us hope it is better than the first one.  Well, the hero certainly is.

15. Read a trilogy (or 3 books from same series) Part 3

edited 31.01.09
I’ll only go for 5 books this time. I have a huge pile to read and not much fits the challenge. So instead of falling behind hopelessly I’ll cut down on the challenge and read other stuff that fits other challenges or that just suits my fancy.

You can find my finished list here.

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