Being with him by Jessica Inclán

Synopsis: Mila Adams has always known she was different. For as long as she can remember, she has had the ability to shift time, and who would believe that? Certainly not the obnoxious blind dates her mother keeps foisting off on her. But Mila can’t help feeling there’s someone out there for her, a soul mate who might understand her unique ability. And when she looks into the dark eyes of financial whiz Garrick McClellan, she can’t but feel her time has finally come.

Any man would lust after a beauty like Mila, but the moment Garrick touches her–feels her shifting time just as he can–he recognizes her as his partner in power. Their connection is immediate, passionate, raw, and beyond anything either has ever experienced. But who are they? What is this gift that joins them so intensely? Are there others like them? And why do they feel that time is running out?

Review: Mila and Garrick were a great couple. I like the concept of two people complementing each other. Those two did that to perfection, as did all the other couples involved. A very interesting thought, that without the other half the impressive powers you’ve got are rather useless. However, once you found your other half, you can do quite a bit together.

I liked the unique setting and how the abandoned ones helped themselves. Mila and Garrick together were able to figure out a good deal and once they were united with the others they accomplished a lot without relying on others. On the other hand the villains in the book are some powerful and evil, but pretty miserable, pitiable creatures. I could picture mankind somewhere in their place in the not too far future. Not a very nice prospect.

The whole story was told well, even though I would have liked a few more details about Cygiria. I suppose and hope a lot more will be explained in the oncoming books in the trilogy. I can’t wait to hear more about the situation at the moment, how Mila will find her sister and what will happen with Edan and his still missing double.

The secondary characters were all pretty amazing, too. One of my favourite couples were Porter and Stephanie. It is nice to see that Jessica Inclan didn’t only pair up people who understood each other 100% and were just perfect, but also a couple who really got on each others’ nerves. Still they couldn’t be without the other. Hopefully we will see them in future books, too, and maybe watch them as they grow together in a satisfying way.

From the title and the book cover I expected a novel that was much more on the erotic side than it actually was. Don’t get me wrong, the love scenes were sensual and extremely pleasant, but people who relish sex scene upon sex scene will be disappointed. There is a definite plot there and a lot of story to be told. I can’t wait to read its continuation.


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  2. Thank you so much for your review here! I appreciate your careful read. I promise that Cygiria is explained as the books go on, as the characters take in more information.

    Stephanie and Porter deserve their own book! They appear in the next two as well and they are further detailed, but I would love to let them have their own. I think it would be a hoot.

    Again, many thanks!




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