Harlequin celebrates

Harlequin is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a number of free e-books. I’m no Harlequin reader, so I wasn’t sure whether I can blog about this and recommend it with a clear conscience. I downloaded one of the books and am reading it right now. It is quite an enjoyable read. It belongs to the "Home and Family" category, so I didn’t expect (and was right about it) hot love scenes or dirty talk. Nice change, that… Especially for people who liked "Lost Warriors" and /or cabin romance "Snowbound" might be interesting. The hero is an Iraq veteran suffering from PTSD.

Some of the books offered for free make me wonder what sort of people come up with titles like "Baby Bonanza", "The bride’s baby" or "A very special delivery". Probably that is because I hate romance with babies in it, though. Anyway, Harlequin celebrates offers something for everybody. Go, check it out!

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