Phantom Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Synopsis: Erin doesn’t want to go to sleep anymore because she’s having nightmares all the time. A beastly dragon keeps trying to abduct her in her dreams and claim her. Eventually a knight comes along and rescues her and – as you would expect at that point – she’s immediately enthralled by him. V’Aidan is the perfect guy – in her dreams. Can they make their relationship work even when Erin is awake? And what or who exactly is V’Aidan?

Review: This is a novella included in the anthology "Midnight Pleasures". The story belongs to the Dream-Hunter series, which is sort of a spin-off of the Dark Hunters.

"The Dream-Hunters are fictional characters from the Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. They are children of the Greek gods of sleep. Some of the Dream-Hunters have human mothers, but most are born of the Greek goddess Mist. Dream-Hunters protect the humans, Apollites, and immortals while they sleep." (Source: Wikipedia)

I absolutely loved this story. In fact I was so thrilled with V’Aidan that he set off my preference for the name Aidan for a hero (see my post on Into the Dreaming). Not only is V’Aidan a good looking caring lover, he also constantly struggles against his own destiny and tries to be better than he’s supposed to be. He’s continuously harassed by his fellow dream hunters, but stays steadfast. The love scenes are as hot as you can expect from Kenyon, the plot is pretty good and makes sense to me.
When Erin found out that V’Aidan is a Skotos she does react a bit harshly in my opinion. So what if he’s a Skotos? She adored him, enjoyed his company, loved her dreams with him. That he is a Skotos in name doesn’t make a blind bit of difference to what he is to her. She felt deceived, but why? She had assumed he is an oneros, but he never explicitly confirmed this. I would accept deception like this anytime. Obviously I have got no principles. But after her initial feelings of betrayal she came around quite quickly and went out of her way to get V’Aidan out of his hell.

What I don’t like are the names Kenyon gives the secondary characters. Chrissy in Erin’s world is Krysti’Ana, Rick Sword is Rec’Sord. Does she think her readers can’t make a connection unless she comes up with names that are similar? And why does EVERY name have to have an apostrophe? To make them look more exotic? Can do without all that.

I keep re-reading this story. It is a fast and pleasurable read that always puts me in a good mood. I’ve never read another Dream hunter novel until now, and probably won’t either, though. According to the amazon boards "Phantom Lover" is the best story featuring them. The novels don’t seem to be half as good as this novella. Better to stop when it’s still good.


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