I stumbled upon… #1

I only discovered stumble upon recently and found some interesting things through it, that’d like to share.


The Forbidden Library. There I learned the most astonishing fact about "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss. The book was challenged in some California town school district for criminalizing the foresting industry. Truth is: "The Lorax" is a book every child should know, the earlier the better.

The 100 best novels at the Modern Library. They have two lists, the board’s list and the reader’s’ list. Imagine my surprise when I discovered on the reader’s list "Guilty Pleasures" by LKH among books like "The Great Gatsby", "I, Claudius" or "A town like Alice". Guilty Pleasures? This must be a cruel joke!

If you would like to display your books UNDER a shelf instead of on top of it, go to Instructables for the instructions on how to build an inverted book shelf.

The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm can be found here. If you dare to read them, that is. After all the fairy tales were restricted to sixth to eighth grade classes at an Arizona elementary school in 1994 due to its excessive violence, negative portrayals of female characters, and anti-Semitic references (source: Forbidden Library).

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