horedsofhell I love haiku. I sometime do a scrapbook page with one of my favourite haiku in order to have them ALL turned into a poetry album one day.

Here are some great haiku pages.

First some of the traditional stuff:
Haiku of Issa
Haiku of Shiki
Haiku of Basho
Here you can see the differences in translations depending on the translator. Interesting! I prefer R.H. Blyth’s interpretation in every case. Of course I have no idea about the original they were interpreting.

Computer haiku
Microsoft error messages would be so much nicer to read if they came in that format.

Erotic haiku:
Nerve haiku, part II
Haiku by Nerve staff members

A review of "True Blood" in haiku form:
True Blood

Do you know any cool haiku sites or great haiku?  Share them in the comments section, please! I always love to discover new haiku. 

(credits for scrapbook page: template: Nina, set 15; Michelle Coleman – Written in the stars; Photo corner: M. Fenwick – Firecracker; Fonts: Arrière Garde, Citizen Dick)

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