Dan Brown has finished his new book

Aren’t I glad to hear this? According to an article at Seacoastonline his book – working title "The Solomon Key" – is rumoured to be released on Sept 18, since that date has some connection to Freemasonry. The Solomon Key will feature the Freemasons and is set in Washington D.C. I’m going to take a guess now as to some details of the book. I’m pretty sure that the scavenger hunt (and there will be one undoubtedly) will lead Langdon and his female sidekick along the whole east coast, all the way across continents to the Peruvian coast (Nazca lines!), then on to Rennes-le-Chateau until they end up in Munich. There they will find the grimoire in the Löwenbräukeller where it was hidden by the Nazis only to have it snatched away by a descendant of a Rosicrucian leader who wants the book for his own evil purposes. The exotic or homely locations will deceive the reader into believing they read a completely new book when in reality they just forked out whatever it costs for a warmed-up version of Langdons earlier adventures.

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  1. I love the premise of all Dan Brown’s books but I can’t seem to get through the writing, which I find so bland. I’ve tried, though. They’re subjects I’m really, really into. Should I try harder to get past the first few chapters? Is it worth it, you think?


  2. Claire, I don’t know whether I can recommend his books with a clear conscience. I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code very much, it was exciting and the scavenger hunt was so entertaining. However his facts leave a lot to be desired. It is a good book to entice the clueless reader to find out more about the topic; if you already know a lot about it, then you’ll probably cringe.
    Then I read Angels and Demons and was shocked to find out that it was EXACTLY the same plot just with another woman and other locations. You wouldn’t believe it, it was the same book.
    Now with the thrid one coming out, my hopes aren’t high, LOL. I won’t get ti, that’s for certain.


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