The Elf and Shoemaker by M. L. Rhodes

Synopsis: Logan Shoemaker runs an unsuccessful magick shoppe. No customers, no money for the energy bill, no food but instant ramen noodles. All in all, he’s pretty down. Along comes Hallan, an elf from a parallel world, who has been watching Logan through a mirror for nine months now (or rather longer in elf-time) and who finally had the chance to cross over into Logan’s world. Not only provides Hallan Logan with a powerful potion that sells like hot cakes in his shop, but also he turns Logan’s love life – so far non-existent- upside down. However, Hallan lives in a dangerous world he can’t just leave behind.

Review: M. L. Rhodes is starting to become one of my favourite erotica writers. Her characters are so endearing, you can’t help rooting for them constantly. That goes for this story as well. It is classified as a fairy tale and this fits perfectly. A good to the core human, struggling to make a living, elves, an evil usurper king, magical objects, wondrous potions, it’s all there, woven into a great tale (unfortunately way too short for my taste). The love scenes are sizzling hot and leave nothing to be desired; those two guys are just made for each other. One thing I particularly like about the story here is the fact that an issue, that always leaves me wondering, is being resolved in the end. The pairing of an immortal and a mortal person is somewhat dissatisfying in the long run (at least for the immortal one). Thank God, the HEA here leaves Hallan and Logan on equal terms in that respect.

After reading this novella M. L. Rhodes goes on my autobuy list. Do I need to say any more?

Available at Amber Allure


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