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Part of The Gargoyle is set in a cloister in medieval Germany. What I wasn’t aware of is the fact that said cloister was just around the corner from where we live. So I thought we’d go today and have a look at what the location looks like today. Not much of the cloister is still there. In 1565 it was abandoned and the property divided. Engelthal (valley of angels) is a village in the middle of nowhere. I was amazed at the amount of snow there. Where we live the snow is melting and muddy, but up the hills in the countryside there are tons left. Figures that I have to go there in the middle of winter when all the snow services are complaining about the lack of road salt, :-).

This is the parish church that was built around 1270. I’m not sure whether it belonged to the cloister or not. To see a few more pictures, please click on the image or here.

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  1. Claire, no, I haven’t read it yet, but it is on my “maybe to buy” list. At first it sounded so interesting (especially with the German connection), but the reviews I read on amazon are confusing. Not that I usually decide whether to read a book from its reviews but some of the negative ones had my shy away from it. Not sure yet, whether I want to read it or not. Are you planning on reading it?


  2. I was planning to, at first. But like you, I got put off a bit by the negative reviews. If it was a short one, that wouldn’t have bothered me though, but seeing as it’s quite lengthy, I’d rather not for now. I’ll definitely look forward to your thoughts if ever you decide to read it though.


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