Hero, Stay & Scars by Jessica Freely

Synopsis: David’s life is at stake when he gets robbed by a few gang members.Fortunately he is rescued by a homeless man who kills one of his attackers. David, who is leading a boring life as a book seller and is craving some adventure, asks him to come home with him, intending to feed him and put him up for a night.Seth turns out to be the perfect man for David. They click on a lot of levels. David is determined to make this relationship work, however, Seth’s traumatizing past is hard to overcome.

Review: The story is told in three instalments.
In Hero, David and Seth meet and spend their first night together.
In Stay, David makes it clear to Seth that he wants him to stay for good. He also finds out that there is more to learn about Seth’s past.
In Scars, after trying to find a job, Seth decides he won’t be a burden to David and leaves. David can’t accept that and tracks him down. He learns more about Seth’s horrifying past and persuades Seth to try to make things work for both of their sakes.

There is one complaint about this trilogy. It is way too short. I do enjoy reading novellas, but the whole plot deserves much more than what we got. OK, can’t be helped now, but I truly hope that we haven’t seen the end of David and Seth. There are some loose ends to be tied up, but besides this, those two guys deserve much more screen time just because.
David and Seth are wonderful characters that I want to know more about. Seth is as tough as can be, but at the same time vulnerable, gentle, loving and caring. How he carried those traits through his life, I can’t fathom,but that he did shows just what a strong personality he’s got. David on the other hand is a bookworm, nothing has ever been going on in his life, he is trusting to the point where you ask yourself whether he is in his right mind, but turns out to be correct with his assessment all along.

The way those two men come and stay together is heartwarming. Seth got out of the hell he’s been in out of his own accord and it is not surprising that he is insecure and can’t believe his luck. David is someone who stands by him no matter what. When he’s told about a previous murder Seth is probably involved in, he hardly bats an eyelid. In other novels that’s the stuff that drives along a plot full of misunderstandings and lack of communication. Not so here and thank God for that. David does address the issue which leads to the revelation of Seth’s past. But he doesn’t have to think twice about his feelings. He accepts what happened and lets nothing stand in between them. I just loved that.

The way Jessica Freely packs the whole plot (and I left out quite a bit) into two short stories and a short novella is amazing. Plus, she writes some hot love scenes on top of all that that feel neither rushed nor crammed in. I don’t know how she managed that. On the other hand, she could have dragged the whole story out into a volume of hundreds of pages and I still wouldn’t have had enough. I still want to read more about how Seth gets vindicated of the murders, how David and Seth go on with their live, how Seth gets a proper job, etc. Just more of everything. Can you tell I’m totally enthralled?

One word of advice: If you decide to get "Hero", just pick up the two sequels right away. After reading the first part, you will want to read right on.

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