Thursday 13: Name generators

This Thursday 13 is about generators. Some people think a name makes or breaks a book (see my blog post here). So I thought I’d hunt down a few name generators on the web. They can be fun!

1. Elvish name generator

2. Hobbit name generator

3. Serendipity
Generator for loads of things. Names, places, creatures, characters, novel titles, room descriptions and much more. You can create even Mary-Sues. Here is the one the generator came up with when I did it:

A groundbreaking woman lawyer, Desirée Larousse-Fairfax has vibrant hazelnut orbs and satiny bronze hair, and cannot disguise her streak of white hair. All are awed when she reveals the beauty of a thousand blooming roses. Little does she know she is really Mme. Hucheloup’s long-lost cousin.

4. Vampire name generator

5. Random name generator
for various races, locations etc.

6. The Forge
All purpose fantasy names, creature names, setting and location names, spells, effects and arcane names.

7. Fantasy name generator
Various options to choose from as well.

8. Lovecraftian name generator
Names in the style of, you guessed it, H. P. Lovecraft. More generators available at Seventh Sanctum.

9. Pirate name generator

10. Jedi name generator

11. Generatorland
Lots of fun stuff, e.g. horror movie title generator ("Bounced Checks of the Dwarf"), Twitter status generator for people without a life of their own ("Fundamentally evasive and playing with war machines.") and so on.

12. Band name generator

13. Romance story generator
The following is the first story that came up: This story starts in an electronics store. In it, an illogical fighter pilot is in love with a bandit who is more than meets the eye. It seems a betrayal will bring them even closer together.
Doesn’t sound any stranger than some stories I have read. Maybe this is the secret source of romance writers.

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  1. Hey, what a great TT list! I really could use all these! I’m terrible at coming up with names! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I am going to have to come back and play here when I am not so tired. Nice TT.
    If I told the lovemaster story, I am afraid my step daughter would kill me, on my blog, for all to see…


  3. LOL, there are some on this list I didn’t know of before. I love those things, they are always good for a laugh, even though the results are helpful only once in a blue moon. 😉


  4. I actually have tried the Elvish one – what fun, but my dog, Pixel’s Evlish name was cooler than mine, lol.

    Do you remember how people used to joke about how you could create your “exotic dancer” name? You took the name of your first pet for the first name and the name of the first street you lived on for the surname – Mine would be Shadow Chataqua – not too bad actually, but if I went with #2 for both it would have been Rin Tin Tin Carson – OMG, I’d have to bark and wear an Annie Oakley outfit on stage, lol.

    I did food because I was starving when I created my list: 13 of my favorite appetizer recipes on free fun and colorful recipe cards.

    Happy TT!


  5. Oh, wow! I’ve bookmarked this post for later savoring. I _adore_ name generators.. they’re so much fun! They’re also REALLY handy when I need to come up with a name for a new RPG character.


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