Need by Sean Michael

Synopsis: Trick, a hustler, is being picked up by Bast. Bast looks like he is 16 at most, loaded and sexy. After a paid night, they meet by accident later again and hit it off big time. Trick more or less moves in with Bast and they have a fabulous time – until Bast decides it’s time to tell the truth and reveals to Trick that he’s a 749 year old vampire. Trick’s first reaction is to run away, but later realizes that he was hurt rather about being lied to, not because of Bast’s actual  "condition". So, off he goes to make up with Bast…

Review: It’s hard for me to write a synopsis. The book basically is about Bast and Trick getting together, separating and getting together again, this time for good. Really good. Bast and Trick are both loveable characters. Trick is street smart, trusts only in himself and has a hard time owning up to the fact that he fell for Bast. Bast looks like a boy, but has seen more than you’d want to know.

Together they are a hot couple. Bast has such a wild need for Trick, it’s not funny. Trick is getting addicted to Bast in the same way. It’s really weird and oddly pleasant. You wouldn’t want to be in their place and at the same time you would. Together they decide that Trick would be Bast’s only source of blood (apart from blood bank stuff), thus becoming his Chosen. This reminds me of the Aveu de Sang between Orlando and Alain in Alliance in blood and doesn’t bode well for the future. I noticed just now that there is a sequel to "Need" out, "Chosen" the blurb of which already hints at interfering, well-meaning friends (a pet peeve of mine) and dark clouds on the horizon. But, since we’re talking about erotica, the problems will be solved rather quickly and we’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled program.

There are tons of love scenes, extremely hot, but I could have done without the multiple partner ones. Unless it is a menage book, I’d rather read about exclusive relationships. Mind you, the thing between Bast and Trick is as exclusive as it can get. They strictly differentiate between their relationship and playtime with others. Maybe Michael thought it was necessary to get that across, but even without those scenes the seriousness of Bast’s and Trick’s relationship came over pretty loud and clear.

Available at Torquere Books

[rating: 4]

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