Feeling safe by Sonja Spencer

Synopsis: Larson, a police officer, rescues Calvin from a tricky situation with a burglar in which Calvin was injured badly. After taking him to the hospital he offers Calvin a place to stay for a few days, since Calvin can’t go back to his place. They both develop feelings for each other, but Larson is afraid that Calvin is suffering from a sort of reverse Stockholm syndrome and once he’s got over his initial trauma, Larson will be left behind, heart-broken. Calvin tries hard to convince him that his feelings are real and not the by-product of gratitude.

Review: This novella almost feels like a cabin romance. Even though we are not in a remote location and Larson still leaves to go to his job, Calvin and him mostly are just spending time at home, getting to know each other, reflecting their own feelings and planning how to make this awkward situation work for them. There is hardly any outside input, at least not much that has any relevance for the relationship between the two men.

I’m not a particular friend of stories with cops, ex-cops, detectives etc, which is weird considering that I enjoy reading detective novels. However, in this story it all works out perfectly. Larson and Calvin were attracted to each other right from the start, but due to a lack of clear communication (or rather understanding) they constantly misread the signs. I thought this was a bit odd because, even though one of them expressed his feelings, the other one still didn’t quite get them. Larson was constantly fretting that even though Calvin made it clear how he felt, this would change as soon as Calvin got a grip on his life again.

I liked the characters in the story a lot, even Larson’s cat didn’t bother me. Usually I hate stories with animals (or kids), but here I was ok with it. It had just the right length and was very enjoyable. If you like  stories with a plot focusing on the couple and no outside interference this is the right one for you.

Available at Dreamspinner Press


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