Surrender love by Kayelle Allen

Synopsis: Luc is sad, depressed and lonely after his lover Wulf left him. When he meets Izzorah, the drummer of a rock band Luc’s company is contracting, he’s smitten – and vice versa. However, Luc and Izzorah both are harbouring some secrets they don’t want to reveal. 

Review: I read this book because the plot sounded interesting and I had read a fantastic review of the book somewhere. Well, I liked some of it, but disliked other parts. It is the first part of a trilogy with Surrender Trust and Surrender Will to follow.

What’s the good stuff?

  • Luc and Izzorah are good characters. I liked them immediately. I understood the reasons they didn’t want to reveal some of their secrets to each other at first.
  • The world Allen built is extremely fleshed out.
  • Good side characters. The band members, Izzorah’s relatives and Luc’s friends and servants. I especially liked the android butler (I usually hate machines acting like people), Nanchonta (I’d like to know more about him) and even Pietas (what a name for such a character!)
  • Good romance with no idiotic misunderstandings. Good communication between Luc and Izzorah.

What didn’t I like that much?

  • World too fleshed out for me. Mind you, I’m totally ok if the world is as complex as anything, but I do not want to have to read a prologue that covers thousands of years of history in order to understand what is going on in a novel. Neither do I want to have to consult the writer’s website to get background info. I understand that Luc appeared in at least one previous book, so there might be more information to be gathered in those other books, but this is the first book of three, so I would expect it to be a good place to start.
    The setting is futuristic, not on Earth, with lots of other species or humans from God knows what planets bouncing all over the place. Just too complicated for me, after all I’m not watching the 75th episode of Star Trek and I know who’s who and who’s from where.
  • The names of people and places were exotic to the extreme. I hardly could remember who is who, just because of the names themselves. Besides, I prefer it to recognize from the name whether a person is a man or woman. Maybe I’m just too narrow minded, though.
  • What is that game Peril about? I didn’t get that at all. What is it good for? Why do they play it? Is it only to pass the time, since the Sempervians have so much at hand? A mystery.
  • I hate love scenes that happen when people are dreaming. Not scenes in which lovers can only come together in a dream, but the ones in which people dream about it, but in the end they find themselves alone. I especially don’t want to read remembered love scenes with an ex.
  • The sexual tension was dragged on forever. Luc and Izzorah couldn’t get together for various reasons, which is fine, but then the release of the tension was sort of an anti-climax (no pun intended). The scenes were cut off so quickly and suddenly the reader found Luc and Izzorah having breakfast hours later. Huh, we’re talking erotica here, I found that strange.
  • Now, Wulf, the whiner. I can’t believe that Luc would be so blind and stupid not to notice that Wulf didn’t like what Luc asked of him (commanded him to do, forced him to do, whatever). Luc didn’t strike me as a man who just pursued his own pleasure without any consideration for his partner. Why Wulf would accept all that crap without enjoying it and never say a word "because of his love" for Luc is beyond me. Was he afraid Luc would leave him? Can’t be, since he left Luc after all.
    Edit: I just realized there is another book out, obviously a prequel, "Wulf". It’s about how Wulf and Luc came together in the first place. It is "a romance that lives forever". NOT! At least in that respect one can’t blame Allen for being unrealistic. The everlasting romance lasted a whopping 5 years.

Don’t know whether I’d read the next book or not. Possibly if the next book is a sequel to Luc and Izzorah I might, just to find out what’s going on. After all, this first book has an open ending (HEA, but with lots of open questions). Also, I’m hoping to find out more about Nanchonta. So, "Surrender love" is a draw for me.

Available at Loose ID

[rating: 3]

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  1. Rikki,
    thank you for your honest evaluation of Surrender Love. I appreciate your candor about what you liked and didn’t care for. I always take those things into consideration when writing the next book.

    Your comment about the prologue was especially helpful. Presenting an ongoing storyline to a new audience was daunting, so I wanted folks to catch up as quickly as possible. I have six other books in this series with a different publisher, and Loose Id took a risk accepting books set in the same universe. Surrender Love has done extremely well, however, and I have contracts for the next two.

    I hope you’ll stay tuned for more, because Nanchonta is definitely on board, and I plan a story about him in the future. Oh, and — McDoth sends his regards. =^_^=


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