Weekly geeks 2009-09 (F. Scott Fitzgerald 2)

Today’s passage is from a short story called "The sensible thing". George is visiting his fiancée (and had to quit his job in order to be able to), who had written him a somewhat disturbing letter.

"So glad you’re here," she sighed. "Wish you never were going away again, darling."

"Do you miss me?"

"Oh, so much, so much."

"Do you – do other men come to see you often? Like those two kids?"

The question surprised her. The dark velvet eyes stared at him.

"Why, of course they do. All the time. Why – I’ve told you in letters that they did, dearest."

This was true – when he had first come to the city there had been already a dozen boys around her, responding to her picturesque fragility with adolescent worship, and a few of them perceiving that her beautiful eyes were also sane and kind.

"Do you expect me never to go anywhere" – Jonquil demanded, leaning back against the sofa-pillows until she seemed to look at him from many miles away – "and just fold my hands and sit still – forever?"

From "The sensible thing" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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  1. Rikki.. love this teaser, too! Seriously, I’m intrigued. After this week is over, you’ll have me falling for him without even reading him yet!


  2. Sounds interesting. I’m going to have to search out some Fitzgerald. I’ve only ever read the Great Gatsby.


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