VGL male seeks same by Rick R. Reed

Synopsis: Ethan has given up hope to find a partner by going out and looking around in real life, so he decides to give it a go in the cyberworld. Not a bad idea, however, with his user picture, nobody seems to have interest in him. He finds a quick remedy for this by just uploading an attractive man’s image up as his own – and oh wonder – responses to his post start flooding in. One of them is from Brian, who seems to be the perfect partner for him, age, interests, it all fits. However, Ethan sooner or later will have to own up to his little subterfuge.

Review: So far I have never read any erotic story that was paired with lots of humour. So I was very surprised to find myself laughing so hard the tears were streaming down my face. All the little scenes when Ethan was thinking about how to get out of the mess he created, his thoughts about the receptionist in his company, his feelings about Brian’s mail that sounded "stalkeresque" (I have no idea whether this is a word or not, but it sure looks extremely elegant, especially for such an unpleasant action), I just kept laughing.

The way Ethan was hoping for answers, waiting or when the next reply from Brian would arrive, the agonizing over why no reply came in only minutes after sending a mail to him and whether he had said something to put Brian off, it all was very realistic. Everybody who has ever tried to start (or keep up) an online friendship can relate to that.

This was a delightful novella. If you want to take up online dating, read this first!

Available at Amber Allure

[rating: 4]

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  1. Thanks so much, Rikki, for the positive review. I’m really glad I could give you a few laughs and that you enjoyed the book. Watch for the sequel, NEG UB2, coming out in May from Amber Allure (the GLBT imprint for Amber Quill Press).


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