Weekly geeks 2009-09 (F. Scott Fitzgerald 5)

Today I chose two passages that talk about couples where the end came sooner than expected…

His engagement to Irene Rikker was the most unsatisfactory thing in his life; they were tired of each other  but unwilling to put an end to it. Just as, so often, the two richest young people in a town are drawn together by the fact, so Bill McChesney and Irene Rikker, borne side by side on waves of triumph, could not spare each other’s nice appreciation of what was due such success. Nevertheless, they indulged in fiercer and more frequent quarrels, and the end was approaching.

From "Two Wrongs" by F. Scott Fitzgerald


And again from Bernice bobs her hair…

There, for example, were Jim Strain and Ethel Demorest, who had been privately engaged for three years. Every one knew that as soon as Jim managed to hold a job for more than two months she would marry him. Yet how bored they both looked, and how wearily Ethel regarded Jim sometimes, as if she wondered why she had trained the vines of her affection on such a wind-shaken poplar.

From "Bernice bobs her hair" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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