Weekly geeks 2009-09 (F. Scott Fitzgerald 6)

Today’s quote is from one of the most popular stories called "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz". It’s the morning after John’s arrival at the château that belongs to Percy’s family.

"Good morning, sir. Are you ready for your bath, sir? Oh, don’t get up – I’ll put you in, if you’ll just unbutton your pajamas – there. Thank you, sir."

John lay quietly  as his pajamas were removed – he was amused and delighted; he expected to be lifted like a child  by this black Gargantua who was tending him, but nothing of the sort happened; instead he felt the bed tilt up slowly on its side – he began to roll, startled at first, in the direction of the wall, but when he reached the wall its drapery gave way, and sliding two yards farther down a fleecy incline he plumped gently into water the same temperature as his body.

From "The diamond as big as the Ritz" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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