Short & shy by Rhianne Aile

Synopsis: Scott discovers a personal ad by a certain "Short and Shy" guy who is more concerned about the environment than his own looks. He engages in an email correspondence and feels attracted to the man whose name or face he doesn’t know. After weeks of online conversations he eventually asks to meet "Short and Shy". Shy would rather keep up the online friendship that has developed between Scott and himself. His looks have kept him from having serious relationships and he’d rather not endanger what he’s got. But Scott insists and they agree to meet in a bar the same evening.

Review: What a charming short story this was! I absolutely loved Scott’s determination to meet "Shy" and that he didn’t shy away  from him once he met him and found out who he was. "Shy’s" problem to find an appropriate partner and a serious relationship might sound pretty ridiculous at first, but when you come to think of it, it isn’t so absurd at all. His approach (just the opposite of Ethan’s in "VGL male seeks the same") makes total sense to me.
Too bad the story was such a short treat, I would have liked to read on for longer.

Available at Dreamspinner Press

[rating: 4]

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