Weekly geeks 2009-09 (F. Scott Fitzgerald 7 – last day)

The last passage for this series of weekly geeks is from "The bridal party". Michael is dancing with Caroline with whom he is still in love. Caroline has recently announced her wedding with Hamilton and this is one of the last occasions Michael can try to change her mind.

"Michael, it’s so nice to be dancing with you again."

He smiled grimly.

"I’m so happy you came," she continued. "I was afraid maybe you’d be silly and stay away. Now we can be just good friends and natural together. Michael, I want you and Hamilton to like each other."

The engagement was making her stupid; he had never heard her make such a series of obvious remarks before.

"I could kill him without a qualm," he said pleasantly, "but he looks like a good man. He’s fine. What I want to know is, what happens to people like me who aren’t able to forget?"

From "The bridal party" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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