One way street by Laney Cairo

Blurb: Aussie rules football star Shane is having a rough time of it. He split with his lover, Dale, because of the pressure from his coach and his sponsors, who don’t want a gay player on their hands. He’s also sick, desperately so, and he doesn’t know who to go to. Everyone in his life wants something from him, but no one wants to help.
When he can’t take anymore, Shane runs to the one place he knows he’s safe; the old love nest he shared with Dale. When Dale shows up to collect his stuff, he finds a very ill Shane, and the two of them remember why they were so attracted to each other. Things won’t be easy, between Shane’s commitments and Dale’s doubts. Can they find a way to find joy in life again?

Review: Despite the beginning which was extremely depressing and disturbing for me, this turned out to be such a positive and optimistic story. Dale had no qualms at all about getting together with Shane again, which was admirable. Shane is a total wreck and needs constant care for quite some time, but Dale backs him up no matter what. Slowly Shane gets his life together again and regains his health. Since the relationship between Dale and him was established pretty quickly again, the story was more about Shane’s process of fixing all things gone wrong and starting new all over again. This was done in such a great way that the (frequent) sex scenes sometimes even felt like an unwelcome interruption (and that doesn’t happen very often with me).

Dale and Shane did have a lot of sex, which was surprising enough given that Shane’s physical condition left a lot to be desired. He could barely walk, if at all, and was under the influence of countless drugs and counter drugs. Still, sex was always only a thought away. The kinky parts I didn’t care for too much. Just weren’t for me, but that is a matter of preference.

I especially liked the end which gave such a happy outlook. It became clear that Shane succeeded in getting his act together and that life was good again.

Available at Torquere Books

[rating: 4]

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