Winter love by Andrew Grey

Synopsis: Blayne is forced by his father to drive up to one of his properties and evict the tenant who has been living there for decades. His car getting stuck in a blizzard he arrives at the tenant’s hut in the forest to find a young man his age. Roeder, who turns out to be a satyr, and Blayne make an instant connection and spend a few days together until Blayne goes back to his father to sort out the issue and find a way around evicting his new lover.

Review: This novella was a short but lovely read. Blayne and Roeder are both good characters, that work well together. Blayne’s reaction to the revelation of his lover’s true nature is admirable. There was a short moment of confusion and uncertainty, but that was it. Very refreshing. His father turned out to be a right jerk who betrayed his whole family, but Blayne didn’t back down and sorted out everything in a speedy and efficient way. Not speedy enough for Roeder’s well-being, though. Good for both of them that there were some supporting characters, who were equally likeable, even though we only met them for a very short time.

If you like stories with uncomplicated characters, strong no-fuss feelings and a bit of a paranormal touch, this is a story for you. From what I read there is another longer book out, "Children of Bacchus", that sounds like a lot of fun as well. I’ll definitely check that one out soon.

Available at Dreamspinner Press

[rating: 4]

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