Bad case of loving you by Laney Cairo

Blurb: Matthew is a medical student, trying to ignore his various roommates’ wild parties and get through his classes. Andrew is his instructor, a doctor at a prestigious British hospital. They’re not supposed to be attracted to each other, but they can’t deny their undeniable chemistry.
They come together with a heat that surprises them both, and through doctor’s strikes, dealing with Andrew’s teenaged son, and hospital red tape, Andrew and Matthew learn to live, and love together. Is their relationship just what the doctor ordered?

Review: I read a lot good reviews about this book and I was not disappointed. Andrew and Matthew were two great characters who were just right for each other. I loved the way they got together and how their relationship developed into something serious without much drama or angst. The fact that they were teacher and student, even though it was clear such a relationship was officially forbidden, didn’t bother anybody who knew about it. That might not be realistic, but I liked it anyway.

The story is told in first person, with the POV alternating in each chapter. It was never difficult to understand whose turn it was at the moment and it was nice to read what both characters were thinking.

It seemed to me that the everyday life in a hospital run by red tape and the problems of the British NHS were pictured very well. Thank God I don’t know the NHS from own experience, but I have heard some horrid stories that make even this one sound almost favourable. At times I thought all the medical terms were too much and the overuse of medical gloves (except where recommended) made the love scenes sometimes a bit sterile. I would think that if both partners were tested, as medical staff should be, unprotected sex shouldn’t be such an issue.

The relationship between Andrew and Matthew was balanced wonderfully. Andrew was the teacher, and thus automatically in a position of power. That was totally reversed in the bedroom where Matthew was the Dominant. This Dom/sub relationship was the first one I read about that was understandable to me. I never could relate to master/servant talk and have no much interest in BDSM. The power exchange here seemed natural and right.

The love scenes (quite a lot) were emotional and steamy – very enjoyable. They never felt out of place but slotted in just right. Matthew’s piercing sounded intriguing, so I had to look it up on the net. Apadravya has a long tradition as an aphrodisiac and was found with men of Borneo tribes as well as in the Kamasutra. It certainly looks interesting. Can’t say I didn’t learn anything new from this book.

The supporting characters were extremely likeable as well. I especially enjoyed F, Andrew’s friend and colleague and Henry, Andrew’s precocious son. He wasn’t nearly as much a pain in the arse as I thought he’d be. In fact, I found his statement “I live to aggravate. It’s a lifestyle choice.” very endearing.

For people who don’t like artificial drama and angst, but a solid story, loveable characters and a loving relationship, this story is perfect.

Available at Torquere Press

[rating: 5]

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