History locations: Nazi party rally grounds

colosseum 2We went to the playground today and close by is the area where the Nazi party held their rallies, called Reichsparteitage, from 1933 to 1938. There are lots of old photos and information available to learn a lot about that time and place. Wikipedia offers a few good articles about the Nazi party rally grounds and the rallies.

Nowadays the grounds are part of a large recreation area with several lakes, some of them poisonous (yeah, we Germans know how to party and have fun). You can see lots of inline skaters there and in summer people go there for barbecues, sit in cafés by the lake and have a good time. It is also a tourist magnet with a large (and fairly new) exhibition about National Socialism and the Third Reich. The exhibition has its home in a part of the Congress Hall, which is otherwise used for rehearsals of the Nuremberg Philharmonic Orchestra, for small pop concerts in a courtyard and for storage for various companies.

Click on the photograph to see a few more pictures.

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