Intimate Beings by Jessica Inclán

Synopsis: Lately, Claire Edwards feels like she is floundering. A ho-hum teaching job, a string of terrible dates, nights spent only with Netflix and bizarre dreams of spaceships for company…life isn’t working out the way she hoped. But Claire has an extraordinary secret ability – she can go anywhere at all, just by wishing it. And if the intensely attractive man who suddenly materialises in her car one day is any indication, Claire’s not the only one…Ever since Darl James learned of his true origins, he has been searching for his partner and life mate, the one whose gift will complement and complete his own. Now that he’s found Claire, he vows to never lose her again, or their soul-searching, sensual connection. But keeping her safe won’t be easy when they’ve been marked for destruction by an evil, power-hungry race. A fierce battle is brewing, one that will test Claire and Darl’s new bond to the limit, and decide the future of all their kind…

Review: Darl found Claire very early on in the book and there was no discussion about them belonging together. Also they were separated a good deal of the book, so I suppose to call this book a romance would not be accurate. Actually, most of the book was about the goings on on Upsilia, all the Cygirians to get together and the struggle of Darl and Claire to find each other again as well. They had only a few scenes together and I found this a bit disappointing, as far as the romance factor was concerned.

My favourite couple Stephanie and Porter were there again for quite a large part of the book, and they bickered to a lesser degree this time. I think that slowly they are coming to terms with each other. How ironic that the only couple that might enjoy a break from each other (well, they wouldn’t, but Porter certainly gets on Stephanie’s nerves sometimes) never seems to get separated.

I missed Edan throughout the book. He only arrived at the end of the book and met Claire for the first time. I wonder what it is about him that has everybody in awe. We get hints of what he can do and how extraordinary he is, but so far – due to his lack of presence – we haven’t seen much of his abilities. I certainly hope that Jessica has something in store for us here. Also the search for his twin has me puzzled. EVERYBODY seems to have heard of him, and knows what he can do or at least knows of his power that could be reversed by his twin. So, why on earth doesn’t that girl show up and say, "Hey, here I am, I can make myself younger, I’m the yin to your yang." Where is she, for Christ’s sake?

Apart from all the personal circumstances, which also play a big part in the overall plot, the story developed further, which was good to see. More and more people found their way to their fellow Cygirians and finally an ally was found to help them fight the Neballats (even though that ally might not even be needed, the future will show). So, now, we’ll have to wait until later on in the year to finally get the conclusion of the story. It’s going to be a long wait.

My Review of the first book in this trilogy, "Being with him"

[rating: 4]

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  1. Thank you so much for your comments, and I know that you won’t be dissappointed with Edan’s story, based on what you’ve written here. And yes, his double’s reasons for not knowing who he is are explained!

    Again, I appreciate your careful read.

    All best,



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