Sight Unseen by Shay Kincaid

Synopsis: Jackson Prescott, a well known artist and actor, dials a wrong number and gets connected to Devon. The two hit it off and keep up a telephone friendship over the next few weeks. However, to get to know Devon without all the baggage of being a celebrity Jackson didn’t give Devon his true name. After a couple of weeks Devon suggests to meet.

Review: This story is part if the "Size still matters" anthology. It contains four stories classified as "short stories", but I was surprised to find that it was quite long. I’ve read novellas shorter than that. I’m partial to the "meet your partner via ad, chat or phone" plots and this story was the reason for me to buy the anthology in the first place. And the money wasn’t wasted, even though I haven’t read the other stories yet.

In the beginning the story reminded me of "Short and Shy" by Rhianne Aile, but the plot was more elaborate and continued for a long time, where "Short and Shy" was resolved very quickly (not surprising, since the latter is a just a "day dream" and not meant to be anything else than a quick read).

Jackson and Devon’s relationship developed beautifully. They had conversations over the phone and got to know each other quite well before they even met. When they did eventually meet and Devon found out he had been deceived to an extent he didn’t shrug it off but had ambiguous feelings about continuing this friendship. Once he decided to give Jackson a chance to show him that he was still the person he was when they talked on the phone, they  turned out to be perfect for each other. What a delightful couple! Jackson, the older man, always knew what he wanted, but at the same time knew that he had to give Devon time to realize that what they had was special. He was never pushy and was actually extremely trusting and easy-going when he suggested Devon should go and find out for himself that their relationship isn’t something you can find just anywhere.

It was quite realistic that Devon needed time to decide whether he wanted to make a commitment to Jackson, considering what a relationship with him would entail. Even after he made his decision the story didn’t stop but continued to describe the problems Jackson and Devon were facing when being together, but had a good wrapped up ending. I liked that a lot. As for the love scenes, they were very sensual and well written. Shay Kincaid described Jackson’s and Devon’s feelings and that their connection is more than just physical in such a way that you were with the characters all the time.

I absolutely loved this story. This was my first read by Shay Kincaid, I will definitely check out her other stuff. If you like stories with deep feelings that concentrate on the main characters, this is a wonderful read for you.

Anthology available at Dreamspinner Press

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