weekly geeks 2009-12: Linking reviews

This week’s weekly geeks is about linking to reviews of other bloggers who have reviewed the same books that I have. That’s probably pretty difficult in my case because the genre of books I usually review isn’t that common among my fellow geeks. There are a few romance readers among them, but even less that seem to read m/m romance. Doesn’t matter, I’ll persevere.

If you have reviewed any of the books that I talked about, please leave a comment and I will be more than happy to add a link to your review in the actual post. I always like to compare reviews and see what other people think about a book. To find all the books I reviewed, you can click on the reviews category.

I’ll go and have a look at other weekly geeks whether I’ll find some books that we both talked about. I have an inkling I might be lucky at Literary Escapism and Erotic Horizon if she is participating this week.

I’ll post later on in the week to see how successful I was.

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  1. I read romance, but haven’t read any m/m romance yet. I do have a couple of ebooks here to read in due course.


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