Amnesia by Sean Michael

Part of the blurb: When Thaine wakes up in the hospital after a bull riding injury, he has a few problems. He doesn’t remember the last five years, or his new boyfriend, and all he wants in the world is his ex-lover Jerry. Thing is, he and Jerry broke up a long time ago, and no one is sure Jerry will come.

Review: Once more the good old amnesia theme. This was different though. For once it was not about the lover slowly trying to help the amnesia sufferer regain his memory. On the contrary.

Thaine loses his memory in a bull riding accident and thinks he is still together with Jerry, his lover of five years ago. Drew, his current lover, the total opposite of Jerry, he doesn’t even recognize. Doctor’s orders are to play along for some time. Jerry, a successful businessman with the accompanying attitude, comes flown in and takes over. Since he’s still somewhat in love with Thaine, he has no problem with that. After being told about the current status (Drew his lover, Jerry gone, mother dead) Thaine has no problem to heartlessly kick Drew out of his life in order to make room for his ex. Drew is left behind with basically nothing, but Jesse, Thaine’s old friend who has been pining for Drew for ages, offers him a place to stay and a job on his ranch.

In fact, it turns out that Drew and Jesse are a much better match than Drew and Thaine had been. Drew realizes that he’s always put Thaine – who never really loved him like he loved Jerry –  on a pedestal and now, with Jesse, he has found true love. Thaine, on the other hand, is happily screwing his days away with Jerry.

OK. I can honestly say I have never disliked a main couple in a book as much as I disliked Thaine and Jerry. Thaine isn’t only an idiot, who went back to bull riding against the advice of his doctors, thus almost losing his life later on in the book, better yet, he is an idiot without any style whatsoever. The way he discards Drew, his lover of three years, is disgraceful. It is true he has no idea who Drew is, but I’m sure there would have been better ways to deal with this situation. We don’t get any insight to what his relationship with Drew was before his accident, apart from the knowledge that Drew worshipped him as a hero and he didn’t love Drew that much, but surely there must have been some sort of connection. Consequently for Drew this is just awful; he didn’t deserve such treatment. Thaine’s relationship with Jerry was obviously based on sex and sex only, if we can go by what we see of them later on. I just didn’t like the interaction between Thaine and his friends once Jerry was back. The way Jerry was reacting to Jesse and his threats to hire a lawyer to get Thaine’s stuff back weren’t endearing either. I just hated those two guys and only scanned most of their scenes (a lot of them were merely sex scenes anyway).

The story between Drew and Jesse was a really good one. I enjoyed their time together. For once Sean Michael had a couple not spending all their time in the bedroom but actually do other stuff. A nice change. They were both likeable characters and sweet together; too bad, the larger part of the story was taken up by the other two.

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