Size still matters anthology – two more stories

There are two more stories in the "Size still matters" anthology from Dreamspinner. The first two Stories "Sight unseen" and "Take my picture" I reviewed in two separate posts, but I’d like to quickly review the other two in one post.

Start from the beginning by Chrissy Munder

Blurb: A heart attack leaves Miles wrangling with a slow recovery and a quiet retreat; just one cabin down from wounded warrior Drew.  Although he’s unhappy to have his solitude invaded, Drew finds himself fascinated with Miles, but he can’t bring himself to push aside his skittish nerves.  Both men fear rejection for different reasons, but what if they’ve instead found the acceptance they crave?

Quick review: A good short story. We didn’t learn a lot about the two protagonists, but they were still complex enough. I always wonder why the basic tortured hero has experienced all the rejection he has. People continuously flinch at the sight of scars etc. and consequently reject the prospective partner. How come? We’re talking about scars (and not even in the face, where they are the most visible. In that case, people wouldn’t show interest anyway if they are so superficial) and not about the personality of a psychotic mass murderer, which tends to put people off. Who the hell cares about a few scars on the back of a person you might come to love? Anyway, I digress. That’s how life is for the tortured hero. Drew and Miles were fantasizing about each other from afar for quite some time, but once they got together they were a good match.


Evan’s Heaven by Nicki Bennett

Blurb: Actor MacAlester Kerr wanders into a whole new world of pampering and pleasure when his director sends him to Evan’s Heaven for a pedicure.  Right off, he meets the Evan and finds himself head over heels.  Mac’s on Cloud Nine when he finds out Evan feels the same.

Quick review: This was totally different from the other three stories. It was told from Mac’s POV, part playing now, part in retrospect, remembering how Mac and Evan met and what followed. Apart from the fact that Max is an actor and Evan is the owner of the beauty salon we know nothing about the two men. They meet, have sex and have sex again, mostly with some beauty treatment as foreplay and some mild kink (learned some stuff about love beads) thrown in. They do have a serious relationship, but we don’t get to know anything about other aspects of it.

In the other three stories the characters all had various issues to deal with, not here. It was a story purely based on getting off. Not bad in itself, if you like that, but by the time I got to this last one, I just expected more.

Anthology available at Dreamspinner Press

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