Beginning to believe by Sean Michael

Lately I found a number of excellent stories in anthologies. In various groups people keep saying they don’t like reading anthologies because there is always a number of stories they don’t like and they feel they wasted money. Too bad, since they miss out on a lot of good stuff.

Sean Michael’s "Beginning to believe" is part of the collection "Bus Stories and Other Tales" which features a number of novellas or short stories by Sean Michael. His stories are either hit or miss for me. They are usually very intense, just sometimes I don’t like the way that intensity is taking.

What I like about him is that he seems to be able to write about topics without any bashfulness. I have read some of his stories that feature men with a handicap and they were always wonderful. Often, out of their own insecurity, people either act as if a handicap didn’t exist and ignore it on purpose or they focus on it and make a big fuss about it. Sean Michael describes people who know that a handicap is a part of someone’s life and acknowledge that, but at the same time never use it to define a person.

"Beginning to believe" is the story about Tyler, the owner of a motorbike workshop, and Kit, a former country singer, who was in an accident  some years ago, in which he lost parts of both of his legs. They meet when Kit asks Tyler to customize a motorbike for him. It’s all about the two men becoming friends and lovers. There is nothing more to it and it is perfect. No drama, no angst, just two adult people who get to know and love each other, even though one of them had already abandoned the hope for love or a relationship.

I take my hat off to Sean Michael for writing a story about a taboo topic in such a gentle and quiet way.

Available at Torquere Books

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