Friday 5: First post

I found Friday 5 just a few das ago and think this is going to be a fun thing to do. OK, so my first Friday 5 post, here it is…

  1. What’s something you know how to draw?
  2. Who’s someone you could get away with impersonating?
  3. Where’s the stapler?
  4. Why will this be a great weekend?
  5. When are you going to make that phone call you’ve been putting off?


  1. I can’t draw at all. I’ve never gotten past the stickman shape and am stuck with it now forever. The only other thing I’m good at is the “Haus vom Nikolaus” drawing. It is a kid’s game and exactly reflects my drawing abilities. 
  2. Nobody. I suck at not being me.
  3. Right in front of me, next to the monitor.
  4. It’s Easter, everybody is off for four days and next week I’ll be off as well. The weather forecast is good and we’ll be visiting friends and relatives. Sounds as good to me as it can get.
  5. Don’t know yet. I’ve been putting off a call to order a spare part for our fridge for what seems like forever and have no idea when I’ll finally make that call. It’s not a vital part, of course, still it would be nice to have it.

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  1. First of all, thanks for dropping by my site and leaving a comment on my Friday Five post 🙂

    I envy people who has a raw talent for drawing. It sucks we both are not good at drawing 🙁

    Happy Easter!


  2. Ditto on the first two (I’m lousy at both art and impersonation, otherwise I’d have become an Impressionist painter 😛 ), and I don’t think I even own a stapler. Hope you have a great Easter weekend.


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