Over the road by Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux

Blurb: Truck driver Elliot Cochran meets ‘McLean’ while talking on the CB and strikes up an unusual friendship. One evening, McLean tells Elliot he needs to go find some companionship, and so Elliot meets Jimmy Vaughan – and has one of the best nights in his life. Before long Elliot faces a decision about sharing his life: Does he choose McLean, the best friend he’s never met, or Jimmy, the man who thrills him beyond belief?

Review: This is the second story in "Love ahead".


I really enjoyed reading about the two protagonists. They hit it off right away over the CB / phone and became great friends without ever seeing each other. So far so good. Unfortunately hidden identity plots are another pet peeve of mine (I know I have many; another one would be woman disguised as man, but you don’t come across them in gay novels, thank God), so I wasn’t too pleased with this. How "McLean" and "Millis" could talk for what seems like an eternity over the phone but never exchange even first names is a mystery to me. Must be a male thing, obviously. I can’t imagine this happening with two women, :-).

The one night stand I was ready to forgive, since by that time their "long distance relationship" hadn’t really developed yet, but when Jimmy and Elliot met again and they still carried on, I was a bit disappointed. Yeah, ok, they were felling guilty, but it still took them some time to stop this "cheating". The scenes with Jimmy and Elliot were hot and romantic, nevertheless I didn’t really care for them, because they felt wrong to me. I especially disliked one scene when Jimmy deliberately lied to Elliot. Only later I was back on the right track again when this ridiculous situation was cleared up.

I felt the whole initial situation just unrealistic to the extreme. Usually I don’t mind lack of realism. I this case, however, it was paired up with a plot I didn’t appreciate, and that made all the difference.

Available at Dreamspinner Press

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