No Weekly Geeks this week, but…

…a Read-a-Thon.

Tons of challenges, prizes etc. to be had. However, I was busy without reading. After upgrading WordPress yesterday, non-working tags, and my old wordpress theme not to my liking anymore, I changed the looks of the blog today. I redid the categories, the tags and kicked out a few pages with challenges I’m not following anymore. And I had fun creating a couple of header and sidebar images. Not to forget the cool widget with the quotes from italy is falling.

All in all I’m pretty pleased with the new look. Hope you all like it, too.

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  1. Excellent review! I had to do just what you did with the Spoiler Alert in order to get into the specifics on how the conflicts just sort of fizzled out. That sort of thing (when the conflicts are promised but not delivered) just drives me crazy!

    Your review was a good reality check for me in that it seemed we noticed the same things in the lack of development in the conflicts — even on down to tiny details like J.T.’s “friend” (mentioned once) whom we never got to meet. I think I’ve read too many mysteries in my life, ha, ha! Whenever a detail like a “friend” gets mentioned, I want it to connect to something later on.

    How interesting that you weren’t that moved by the romance itself, and I was all caught up in it! Sometimes I know as a reader I might be “bringing something” to the story that isn’t there for other readers in that maybe it already reminds me of something else or it involves a theme I already like and so I connect with it much more than another reader might.

    Normally I don’t much like BDSM stories either — they always seem so pretentious! I’m not sure what drew me to this story but I think it was something about the two characters. I also think you’re right in retrospect — they fell into that BDSM thing awfully fast and with little or no build-up.

    Very cool review, and thanks so much for linking/referencing mine! I’m going to go put a link to yours in mine.


  2. Val, thanks. It’s true, our thought about a book are always influeneced by our own experiences and, of course, preferences. I’ve read lots of books which I didn’t like simply because the plot had something in it I wasn’t too fussed about. I’m terrible that way. I’ve got so many pet peeves that I can’t count them, :-).
    The “friend” device was the oddest thing. JT never sounded like a person who’d listen to a reasoning friend anyway, especially when it comes to his twin.

    Thanks for linking back to me again.


  3. Hi, Rikki, you’re welcome. Sorry I somehow managed to append my first comment on to a different post than I’d intended, ha, ha! It was supposed to attach to the Bound by Love review.


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