A shot at manga

Picture by Peat Bakke at flick'r So far I’ve never read comics, but my husband does. I always browse around in the manga section of our local comic shop (because they look so cute), but never bought anything. I rather make up pictures in my own head instead of reading a picture story.

My only experience with comics at all in the past was “Guilty Pleasures” and that was a total disappointment. I mean, I hate Anita Blake anyway, so why I bothered in the first place I don’t know. Then the artist did it all wrong, people didn’t look like I imagined them, too many curls, it just didn’t feel right.

Then I heard about Marvel’s Pride & Prejudice coming out. Sounds nice enough, but look at the sisters! Bloody hell! What were they thinking? The all look like they are on drugs. Jane looks like a right bitch. I don’t think so.

Recently I saw on Elisa Rolle’s LJ her reviews of Yaoi and I thought, maybe there is more to manga than I thought, :-). To cut a long story short, I found some Yaoi that sounded interesting enough on a swap site. The first one I’m going to get is Fake (v.1) by Sanami Matoh. It sounds like a story I’d read in novel format, so it might be quite enjoyable – I hope. On the other hand I might be totally wrong and find out that manga isn’t my genre after all. I’ll see.

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  1. I’m REALLY looking forward to this review! I come from a similar background as you. My husband reads graphic novels and I barely even read comic books as a kid. I just bought my first yaoi The Crimson Spell on a recommendation from E.H. of Erotic Horizons blog. It was SO unusual. First I had to get used to the trippiness of reading it from right to left after decades of habit reading from left to right. I’ll post a review soon! I wonder if you and I had similar reading experience with our first toe in water with yaoi?


  2. I looked up The Crimson Spell on amazon. Paranormal, huh? I think I’ll start with something contemporary, at least with all the other novelty I don’t have to adjust to a new world on top of everything else. Yeah, the reading from right to left I’m really not looking forward to. When I saw those books for the first time, I thought they were misprints, LOL.
    Can’t wait to compare our thoughts on manga.


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