Update on Dan Brown’s new book

Obviously I need to keep up with things better. Today I read on the Read Street blog about Dan Brown’s new book. Contrary to what rumours said earlier the book is now called “The Lost Symbol”, instead of “The Solomon Key”, and it will be released on September 15 according to Publishers Weekly.

The book is taking place during 12 hours in Robert Langdon’s life, so I’m not sure my forecasted plot can all happen as projected. Maybe I’ll have to reconsider some of the locations and move them all to one continent. Bummer, I really liked my story!

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  1. Rikki, thanks for mentioning Read Street. I bet your plot summary will be close in spirit if not in exact details. The Peru part might be hard to do in the space of 12 hours, but we’ve all seen how much Jack Bauer can cram into 24, so why not?


  2. Dave, I’m totally annoyed at this unexpected turn of events, :-). 12 hours is a ridiculously short time period given that Brown will probably squeeze in five locations and as many adventures he could make up (or recycle). I can drop all my France – Germany connection and, yes, Peru must be dumped, too. What a disappointment!


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