And it’s amazon once more

Amazon seems to be on the war path lately. Only a week ago it was all about amazon vs. GLBT, even if they say this was not so. Now it’s amazon vs. amazee. Amazee is a new small Swiss networking site for activists, amazon wants to protect its brand and urges them to change their name. Obvious, isn’t it? Amazon and amazee (pronounced a-maze-ee) really sound the same and can be easily confused.

There are tons of German links to this new assault of common sense, but here are a few in English nevertheless:

Amazon wants to bully amazee into changing its name at Techcrunch

Would you confuse amazee with amazon? at Mashable

One of these things is NOT like the other at Top cultured

and a couple of German links:

Gigantin gegen Startup at

Verwechslungsgefahr? Amazon verklagt Schweizer Start-up Amazee at netzwoche

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