To the highest bidder by Kate Steele

Synopsis: Ben’s business partner surprises him with a birthday gift. She has won an ebay auction – a lunch with Mitch DeSantis, a TV star. Mitch turns out to be a total ass, arrogant and rude. Ben leaves before lunch is over. However, the next day Mitch turns up at Ben’s bookshop to apologize and make up for his bad behaviour.

Review: This novella was a fun read. Even though Mitch comes over as a total jerk at first, we soon get to know what drove him to behave so rudely. Even if it is inexcusable, at least it’s understandable. When he shows up at Ben’s door, Ben is quite willing to forgive him without dwelling on that unfortunate lunch too long. Mitch’s invitation to a homemade dinner is the right starting point to a nice evening, in the course of which Ben realizes Mitch is not only a nice guy – totally different from what he thought he’d be like – but also attracted to Ben.

For an intelligent and considerate man Ben acts rather stupidly after their first night together. Why would he leave the way he did? His assumption wasn’t based on any evidence whatsoever. At least he could have gone and had a talk to find out what’s going on (and nothing indicated there was something going on anyway). I found that a bit annoying and not like Ben who didn’t seem to be acting on impulse at other times.

What I liked was that the story showed that you never can judge people on your first impression. The epilogue, which is set two years later, was especially sweet and exactly what readers expect from an epilogue.

Available at Loose ID.

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