No regrets by Sean Michael

Synopsis: Musician Drake is burnt out and leaves it all behind, when he receives a letter from his school buddy Scott to come and visit.  Scott is an artist, lives out in the sticks and makes Drake feel right at home.

Review: This was just too sweet – in a good way. Once more Sean Michael wrote a story with the focus exclusively on the two protagonists. Nothing comes in between them and everything works out perfectly.

When Drake arrives at Scott’s house he feels all the pressure just fall off him. Scott is openly gay, Scott is divorced and in the closet. It doesn’t take those two men long to discover that they are made for each other. Scott has been pining after Drake for years – in fact since High School – and when Drake tells him that he is gay, too, the stage is set for some hot and romantic scenes. Outside interference, like for example from Drake’s assistant who constantly has to fight off media and his label, are reduced to an absolute minimum.

It’s around Christmas time, the gifts Drake and Scott exchange are heart warming and just on cue it even starts snowing. What else can you ask for? 

This story is part of the Holiday Single Shots Collection 2006 from Torquere Books

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